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Traditional Foam Boards for Trials - 24/7 While electronic exhibits are increasingly the standard for trial exhibits, traditional foam board mounted exhibits still remain a standard for litigators. We produce a full range of Demonstratives, Timelines, Document enlargements, and any other large format printed presentations for trials and war rooms. Boards4Lawyers, a division of Graphics4Events, provides 24/7 service for litigators in the D.C. area and around the country... without a RUSH charge!! Call Boards For Lawyers Today!!!! 703-249-9600 (24/7) If no answer - Leave Message!!! Feel free to call repeatedly :o) graphics@boards4lawyers.com Traditional Trial Boards Flip Charts Custom "Invisible Hinge” Folding Boards (Much easier to carry or ship) Full color Kodak Low-Glare Satin paper. Wholesale pricing to the trade We’ll meet your budget! Have a Custom Job?... Just Ask :o)
703-249-9600 (24/7)
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